Luminaires with switch function – a brilliant opportunity

Published 1 Jun 2023

The development of the range of luminaires with so-called built-in light flexibility continues. Right now you will find several new luminaires in the outdoor range where you can adjust the color temperature between warm or cool white light with a switch function, directly in the luminaire. A welcome solution when you, for example, want to test light in different areas or mounting locations.

The possibilities compared to before are now much better when it comes to finding luminaire solutions where it is possible to quickly and easily vary settings in, for example, color temperature, light flow or dispersion angle - both when it comes to indoor or outdoor luminaires. We asked Robert Johnsson, our Product Assistant and with extensive experience in the lighting field, what he thinks about the new possibilities.

- Lighting control has been around for a long time, but not in this way, where you make the changes directly in the luminaire. This is a technology development that is very interesting and of which we have only seen the beginning. Take a look at our outdoor range, for example, where there are now both Funkis MegaLED and Funkis ProLED where you can adjust the color temperature between 3000 Kelvin or 4000 Kelvin yourself via a switch. These luminaires are available both as downlights and in single and double versions, which means that the series fits in many environments. Just as with our flexible spotlights, this provides an opportunity to test and vary, for example during a trial lighting, says Robert Johnsson.

For indoor environments, there is already our 3-phase spot Moxie where you can adjust most things yourself and as it suits your installation. For example, you can vary the luminous flux between 1500 - 1770 lumens, the color temperature from 3000, 4000 to 6000 Kelvin and the scattering angle between 15-50 degrees. This provides optimal opportunities to test the settings and screw in place to optimize the light image.

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