How we work with social sustainability

Social sustainability aims to ensure that all people have the right to well-being, justice, the power to decide over themselves, and basic human rights. Through our continuous work with social sustainability, we are part of the global effort to achieve the UN's global goals in Agenda 2030. We work for social sustainability internally as well as externally in our supply chain, as we strive for global social sustainability.


This is how we work with social sustainability:

  • To ensure that our suppliers operate with good business ethics and meet our standards of equal treatment plans and anti-discrimination, our suppliers sign our Code of Conduct>
  • I Kamic's environmental policy> describes how we actively work according to the UN's 17 Global Sustainability Goals - Agenda 2030.
  • If necessary, employees at Kamic are offered training courses relevant to their respective responsibilities.
  • All employees at Kamic have received comprehensive training in sustainability and sustainable action at work.
  • In 2023, Kamic was awarded the gold medal by the independent platform EcoVadis> after their evaluation of our company and work within Corporate Social Responsibility. The assessment includes the following areas: ethics, environment, business responsibility, working conditions and sustainable procurement.

The methodology for the evaluation is based on internationally adopted principles for sustainability reporting such as GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), the UN Global Compact and ISO:26000. Independent sustainability experts also review the evaluation. A gold medal from EcoVadis means that we are in the top three percentile of all companies in our industry, internationally.