EMC measurement

To have a long-term and functional protection in your shielded product or facility should be considered a given. That the various properties that were in the requirements during production last over time. To make sure that your security investment performs as intended so that you don't have to share, for example, sensitive company and authority information, we offer shielding measurement of your cabinet, cabinet or larger room.

In order to confirm the shielding properties of a cupboard, cabinet or shielded room and to be able to maintain long-term and stable protection, we perform measurements according to a determined routine and in accordance with the standard IEEE Std 299–1997. A measurement actually consists of several different measurements, with different antennas, so that everything can be measured within the frequency range - from 0.0011 Mhz to 11 Ghz.

The measurement results in a number of reports that clearly show whether the object of measurement meets the set requirements and, if not, at which frequencies there are deviations. If there are deviant values ​​in a measurement report, we can propose recommendations and measures to solve any deficiencies discovered.

Why should I book a measurement?

In order to maintain, and above all, get a confirmation of the shielding properties that your object requires, you should periodically ensure a shielding check is performed. Being exposed to a breach can have far more fatal consequences. As a customer, you will receive from us a professional measurement with a clear protocol, as well as, in the event of deficiencies, proposals for possible measures to take.

Service agreement for continuous checks

We also offer service agreements where ongoing checks, measurements and maintenance are included. You will receive a proposal regarding a maintenance interval and cost proposal.

Contact for EMC measurement

For further information on EMC measurement, contact Service Manager Johan Jändel-Holst via: +46 54-57 01 20, or email via: johan.jandel-holst@kamic.se>