Environment & sustainability

Looking to the future, reduced environmental impact and long-term sustainability are important issues for us. As a supplier, we want to be transparent with our environmental work and continuously contribute to a more sustainable society. We have since many years had a documented environmental policy and an environmental certification which means that through continuous improvements in working methods and procedures we must work for a better and more sustainable environment.

Our business is planned and implemented based on our environmental certification, ISO 14001:2015, and adhereing to the requirements and regulations of environmental legislation. Through environmentally conscious product initiatives and good supplier choices, we shall contribute to reduced resource consumption and increased consideration of the nature.

A few recurring examples

  • Contributing to fewer transports and/or smarter means of transport is always a goal.
  • When procuring new company cars, eco friendly models are considered.
  • Packages and packaging are recycled and sorted as much as possible.
  • Separate containers for organic waste in lunchrooms and other areas.
  • Electrical scrap is taken care of according to applicable recycling requirements.
  • As far as possible, our products must meet the requirements of Byggvarubedömningen and Sunda Hus.

Our responsibility and reporting in environmental issues

  • Membership in Elkretsen AB means reporting of monthly electrical scrap fees.
  • Our products meet the requirements of the Chemicals Agency's ROHS directive.
  • We report annual environmental charges on batteries according to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency's regulations.
  • We report annually to the EE register - an association within the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency that reviews producer responsibility for electrical and electronic products.
  • We collaborate with FTI and report our packaging quantities in, among other things, paper, glass and metal.

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