Environment & sustainability

Looking to the future, reduced environmental impact and long-term sustainability are important issues for us. As a supplier, we want to be transparent with our environmental work and continuously contribute to a more sustainable society. We have since many years a documented environmental policy and an environmental certification which means that through continuous improvements in working methods and procedures we aim for a better and more sustainable environment.

Our operations are planned and carried out based on our environmental certification, ISO 14001, in light of the UN's global sustainability goals Agenda 2030>, and in accordance with national and international environmental legislation. Through environmentally conscious product investments and wise supplier choices, we at Kamic want to contribute to reduced resource consumption and greater consideration for nature's cycle.

Kamic's objective is to run the business in a commercially and financially justifiable way, with the least possible environmental impact while at the same time managing our shared global resources. Sustainability consists of three different parameters, all of which need to be considered equally for the company to achieve success, namely environmental, social and financial sustainability.

Sustainable responsibility:

  • Kamic is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
  • We stand behind our producer responsibility and are connected to Elkretsen, which helps us close the loop according to a circular model. Electrical and electronic scrap is taken care of according to current recycling requirements.
  • We report annual environmental charges on batteries according to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency's regulations.
  • We are connected to FTI, Packaging and Newspaper Collection, and report packaging amounts for paper & plastic.
  • We and our suppliers declare conflict minerals according to CMRT to exclude or minimize substances extracted from conflict-affected areas.
  • We and our suppliers report products' SVHC substances in the SCIP database according to the European REACH regulation. This increases awareness of the product content where extra care can be taken around products with conflicting substances.
  • Through annual reporting to the EE & battery register, the Environmental Protection Agency compiles our producer data for electrical and electronic products, which is then reported to the EU.

If you want to know more about our sustainability work, contact our Sustainability Coordinator Esmeralda Hansson via: +46 54-146052 or via email: esmeralda.hansson@kamic.se>