Black belt in evacuation techniques

Ever since the beginning in 1983, we have worked with evacuation in some form. We are now taking this a few more steps and develop the offer into a comprehensive solution where knowledge, competence and products interact to meet the preferences and demands that are required from a safe and secure evacuation in the 2020s. Welcome to take part in our world in evacuation technology.

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Multi luminaires that do it all – the new trend

More and more people are nowlooking for luminaires with so-called built-in light flexibility. This is about luminaires where you decide most things yourself and can adjust, for example, color temperature, light flow or diffusion angle directly in the luminaire. Welcome to take part of the exciting multi-luminaries of the future, or as we prefer to call them – luminaires with infinite lighting flexibility.

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Esmeralda Hansson - new sustainability coordinator - Kopia

We continue the work of strengthening and developing the business with the environment set in the first place. Newly hired sustainability coordinator within the environment & quality team is Esmeralda Hansson. Esmeralda, who is a trained environmental strategist, has seven years of studies behind her, the last four of which have focused on environmental science.

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KAMIC Brand, new platform

KAMIC launches new brand platform

After an extensive brand work where they "in-house" addressed questions about the company's mission, the future vision, discussed core values and updated the business concept Kamic is now releasing the result of this work in a completely new brand platform...

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Gennius, nödbelysning

Gennius - complete emergency lighting that covers basic needs

We are now releasing a new complete series of emergency lighting with a wide range of applications. Gennius, as the fittings are called, are designed signage fittings intended for permanent and standby operation...

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Why you should invest in an operation and support agreement

When Facebook and Instagram suffered from network problems in the fall of 2021 and were down for six hours, complete chaos ensued in the world. Although it is unusual, disruptions now and then occur...

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