General lighting and emergency lighting in the same luminaire

Published 31 Oct 2023

We are now releasing a luminaire series where you smartly and easily get the best out of two worlds. Hermetic Avant is the name of the luminaire that you can use both as emergency light and general lighting. A robust linear luminaire in a stripped-down design that is best suited in more demanding environments, but which can also be installed in more public spaces.

Hermetic Avant is basically a centrally powered emergency lighting fixture but can also be installed as a conventional lighting fixture. As an emergency lighting fixture, it is connected to a back up power unit, which gives you stable and safe monitoring of the facility from a central location in the property. If you choose to use it as general lighting, you get a series with both robust properties and high light performance. The luminaires in the series have a white frame with an opal dome in polycarbonate and deliver a luminous flux from 1800 lm up to 6000 lm.

- Here you get a lot of light for the money and a fixture that is truly all-round, says Anders Adelin, our Product Manager in lighting and emergency lighting. In tougher environments where moisture, heat and cold can vary, such as parking garages, warehouses or industrial premises, the series works very well. As it is also D-marked, it also covers, for example, stable buildings, barns and carpentry where D-marking is a requirement. The Avant is quick and easy to assemble, it can be switched and there are many variations in the mounting options, concludes Anders Adelin.

Hermetic Avant is mounted on the surface of a dense ceiling or on a wall with flexible and stable metal snap fasteners. Possibilities are also available for mounting with a wire with extra accessories. Luminaires can also be ordered in other designs, for example with a built-in motion sensor for an extra energy-efficient installation.

Other properties:

Lengths: 600 mm/ 1110 mm/ 1500 mm.
Power consumption: 19W/ 36W/ 60W.
Luminous flux: 1800lm/ 3600lm/ 6000lm.
Color temperature: 4000K.
Protection class: IP66.
Ambient temperature during operation: -20°C to +40°C.

If you would like further information about the series, contact product manager Anders Adelin via phone: +46 708- 67 43 31 or>

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