About us

” With knowledge and commitment, we create unbeatable
customer benefit and a safer and more secure society — for everyone”.


Our main focus is the B2B market, i.e. properties and spaces with commercial owners, professional installers and where wholesalers, consultants and regulators play an important role in defining the solutions for you as a customer.

All solutions and systems are based on customer benefit and business skills, which means being able to understand the customer's situation and needs and to connect this with our own ability to create solutions that meet the customer's expectations.

We will constantly develop our range for the market's needs, where breadth and depth has to be adapted to how our market changes over time. We also work with several channels to the market.

We offer competitive solutions, where the value for the customer primarily comes from function and customer benefit. In the role of market and knowledge leader, we take responsibility for developing the field of evacuation technology.

Common sense -  Business skills  -  Responsibility and trust.