Operation & support agreement

In order to always ensure long-term operational reliability in your product or facility, we offer operation and support agreements. By signing an agreement, you'll get all the benefits of having a facility that always works perfectly and without interruptions. We offer customized operation and support agreements for most of our product areas.

What does an operation and support agreement mean for you as a customer?

  • We make sure that the security of your facility is always maintained for safe and secure operation.
  • We can detect errors or deficiencies in time that may later cause problems or damage.
  • The advantage of a short response time in the event of urgent errors or disturbances.
  • We continuously monitor your system or facility via remote control or visits by technicians and carry out a visual inspection, capacity test, function test and check of batteries individually (e.g. at central battery banks) and, if necessary, update software.
  • With interval-based maintenance, costs are minimized, which could otherwise be high.
  • After each check, an action plan is drawn up and provided to you, with any cost proposals to consider.

Note that beyond standard agreements we can also tailor an agreement. You choose yourself which checks and service to carry out depending on the type of facility. Everything from just telephone support and advice, to control of central units or complete plant overhaul where e.g. all fittings are also checked.

> For emergency lighting systems/ UPS-facilities/ battery banks:

Phone support, advice, remote control, visits to the facility if needed where tests and services such as capacity tests, function tests as well as control and maintenance of batteries can be carried out by our technicians.

> For EMP-boxes, Shielded Enclosure cabinets and shielded rooms:

Inspection and measurement of attenuation values in low and higher frequencies according to recommended values in the shield protection classes: EMP, SS1, SS2, SSA-D.

> For fire alarm systems:

Phone support, consultation, troubleshooting, quarterly and annual checks, tests and service can be performed by our technicians on site or together with construction companies.

Contact about operating and support agreement

If you want to know more about safe and secure operation through an operation and support agreement, call directly: +46 54-57 01 20. If you'd rather email, the address is: service@kamic.se> and we'll take it from there.