A simple and trouble-free start of your facility is of course something that all parties involved want. In our range of services, we offer help with the commissioning of all our major systems in emergency lighting, UPS and fire and evacuation alarms, etc.

Emergency lighting

A standard deployment of an emergency lighting system includes:

  • Basic programming of the central unit, and where applicable, installation of the software. Function test of the facility to make sure all works without issues.
  • We also offer (as an option) installation of the central unit, running cables and setting up input modules.
  • If final addressing of fittings has not been completed, we can also perform this for an additional cost. 

UPS and battery banks

A UPS deployment includes:

  • Check of all connections and measuring battery banks, fuses, switches, etc.
  • Adjustment of settings for battery charging, battery capacity and potentially operating mode.
  • Testing of the system; that the bypass works, that the UPS absorb the load in the event of a power failure and performs a test load of the batteries for a suitable time.
  • Finally, a configuration and test is made of any communication cards and/or relay cards for alarm outputs.

All activities during a deployment are consolidated in a detailed report that you as a customer/owner receive after the work has been performed.

Contact for commissioning 

Contact Johan Jändel-Holst via: +46 54-57 01 20. If you prefer to email, the address is:>