Project planning

Within our walls there are hundreds of years of knowledge in terms of planning, product solutions, lighting planning, the regulations in emergency lighting, etc. We have our own project planning department that calculates, draws and offers every week for both small and large projects in everything from K-marked buildings in Norrland to an office complex in central Stockholm.

We offer:

  • Calculation & quotation
  • Consultation & guidance
  • Support & service (also service agreement)

Are you stuck or just need to ask some general product questions - don't hesitate, contact us directly and you'll get more information about how we can help you in your particular project. Regardless of whether it is a meeting out at the construction site, a digital meeting in front of the screen or via telephone. We make it easy for you and asking cost nothing!

For further information and other questions contact us by phone: +46 54-57 01 20 alt. via email:

A few things to consider when sending documents:

  • Attach all contact information so that it is easy to reach concerned parties.
  • If you email the drawings, make sure that all information is included: for example, a RAM document, fire drawing and fire protection description. It facilitates and speeds up the work considerably, which is positive for everyone involved.

For all project planning: we place great emphasis on choosing products and solutions that minimize environmental impact, are energy-saving and of course comply with environmental laws and regulations as far as possible. We hope that this will overall reduce costs which can ultimately benefit all parties.