Lighting calculation

To create a pleasant and tastefully lit environment is today more the rule than the exception. You could say that lighting has become a big trend. More efficient LED light sources and new, developed fittings have contributed to lighting designers and electrical consultants having even greater opportunities than before to realize the combination of aesthetics and function.

Our experience in professional lighting is both broad and deep. We currently collaborate with some of the best lighting manufacturers in terms of the latest technology, functional construction and modern design. This especially applies within our two focus areas: spotlights & rails and outdoor lighting. We also have our own production within the group of fittings in these areas. This gives us an advantage when it comes to delivering comprehensive solutions.

Professional lighting calculation

Our project leads primarily work in DIAlux, which is a professional calculation program for lighting planning. The program can handle both indoor and outdoor installations where the main goal always is on ensuring that the amount of fittings provides the desired amount of light according to the existing recommendations. 

We help you

Would you like assistance with fitting suggestions, light calculations, placement options or other technical solutions? Contact us on tel: +46 54-57 01 20 or email:> and we will direct you to the right person and take it from there.

We would like to have a close dialogue with you as a client. When it comes to the design of your lighting environments, we want to contribute to a journey with no worries in everything from the planning stage to the final assembly on site. That is our objective in all situations.