Our product areas are the core of our business. Carefully selected products from quality suppliers mainly in Europe and Asia that contribute to a range in the lighting and security area that is both cutting edge and broad. Not only do we want to be able to offer individual fittings, components or instruments, but also customized overall solutions where, together with your specified requirements, we will find a way forward.

Our main focus is products and solutions in evacuation techniques where we are one of the market leaders in the field of emergency lighting in Sweden, but we also have a complementary program in measuring instruments for everyone who assembles our products: electrical installers, service technicians and other electrical professionals. You are welcome to explore the range - with us, safety and quality are combined for a safe and professional installation.

Evacuation techniques

Product areas

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is the key feature with respect to safe evacuation. To ensure that escape routes are clearly marked, well lit and that technology and function can be trusted regardless of facility size. Regardless of installation environment, room size or property type, the emergency lighting must also always comply with current regulations and other regulatory requirements. This is to get a secure property equipped with professional products and smart solutions. With us, you will get all of this spiced up with consultation, advice and project support.

- Emergency lighting
- Monitored emergency lighting systems
- Reserve power unit
- Headlamp assembly and hand lamps
- Service and support agreement.


Being able to find your way inside or outside a property in an emergency can be completely life-changing. To have clear lighting available outside the door of an escape route as well is very important to be able to get away from, for example, a smoke-filled area. Inside a property, designed fittings can function as anti-panic lighting, for example ceilings or LED panels equipped with battery units, which are integrated into the existing lighting. They can also be fed centrally via a backup power unit if longer backup times are desired.

- Designed fittings with battery solutions
- LED panels with battery backup
- Outdoor lighting
- Emergency power boxes
- Project advice and consultation

Fire and Evacuation Alarms

A safe fire protection can be critically important for how fast and effective an evacuation or extinguishing operation can be. With us, you will find the latest technology in both individual components as well as systems - everything adapted for flexible, modular expansion and secure communication. Modern monitoring options both locally or remotely via clear interfaces and applications. In certain cases, our solutions can also be integrated with a property's emergency lighting, evacuation alarms and fire-fighting lifts.

- Fire alarm components and systems
- Fire alarms, individual and in systems
- Speaker evacuation alarm
- Fire door closing
- Heat detection cable

Shielding Technology (EMC)

As well as at work and in our private lives, we are exposed to invisible threats from our surroundings on a daily basis. Disturbances in our electrical environment that can cause damage to both electronics and equipment and, in the worst case – pose a danger to us humans! This regards disruptive electromagnetic fields, directly radiating or wired, that can take down a building's backup system or other significant equipment that can make a safe evacuation difficult or impossible. With our experience, competence and product range, we can propose the right level of protection to ensure that a perfect electrical environment is always achieved.

- Surge protection
- Power and mains filter
- Transient and tele protection
- Valve diverter
- Shell protection against magnetic field

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

To always have access to power may seem obvious, but it is not always so. A power outage that, for example, takes down servers, computers or other sensitive equipment can have very serious consequences - especially when it comes to a property's escape routes or elevators. With the right UPS, the operation of surveillance systems and other important equipment is ensured in the event of any power interruptions or interruptions. We offer effective protection for fire-fighting elevators, fire alarms, emergency lighting or other sensitive electronics in a facility or property.

- UPS (400 VA – 800 kVA)
- UPS, backup for fire fighting elevators
- Power supply unit
- Remote monitoring of battery banks (BACS)
- Service and support agreement.