How we work with environmental sustainability

Our ambition is to prioritise sustainable development at all times. Environmental sustainability involves several different areas where product content, certification efforts, waste management and future environmental strategies are important components. By addressing these issues, at Kamic, we take responsibility for the environment and strive to contribute to sustainable development – for a responsible future.

Environmental sustainability means the following:

  • All our products have CE-marking.
  • Kamic is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
  • Our products meet the requirements of the Swedish Chemicals Agency's RoHS directive.
  • As far as possible, our products should be recyclable according to the waste hierarchy.
  • We plan our logistics with the goal of contributing to fewer transports and smarter transport choices.
  • When issuing new company cars, we only use environmentally adapted electric cars or hybrids.
  • We sort and recycle food waste, paper, wood, cardboard, metal, glass and plastic. We work to take advantage of unused material and reuse it as far as possible.
  • When packaging, we use as much recycled materials as possible.
  • Several products are rated by SundaHus> and Byggvarubedömningen>, where material components and product content are assessed.
  • In order to minimize CO2 emissions, Kamic has changed mobile operators to a climate-neutral alternative.

In our Environmental policy> you can read more about our work on environmental sustainability.