Now a thousand Christmas lights are lit and the risk of residential fires increases

Published 1 Dec 2023

Statistics show that over 20,000 residential fires occur annually in Sweden. 85 percent of those who are seriously injured or killed in a fire do so at home. One third of all residential fires start in the kitchen, and December and January are the months when most fires occur. On December 1 every year, the Fire Protection Association and Swedish MSB, among others, mark "Fire Alarm Day" - an important day when the public is invited to test their fire alarms to check that they really work.

In Sweden, the most common causes of fires are forgotten stoves and soot fires in the chimney, and there is a strong connection between the development of the fire and the presence of fire alarms. In order to prevent a fire from occurring, it is important to detect it early, and here a working fire alarm can be absolutely crucial. It is when you sleep that you are most defenseless against smoke and fire, so it is most optimal to have a smoke alarm in and outside the bedroom.

– Unfortunately, we can state that tests are often not carried out, says Patrik Lindström, product manager for fire alarms at KAMIC. Fire alarms are very cheap life insurance – if all home owners made sure to test, make sure the batteries are okey and also replace old and worn out fire alarms, many lives could be saved every year. For safe operation, fire alarms older than ten years should be replaced. Check the label on the back of the fire alarm, it shows the date of manufacture, says Patrik Lindström.

Not only is it tested too rarely, ominously enough, every tenth home in Sweden today lacks fire alarms completely. The Fire Protection Association therefore urges everyone to review their fire protection at home and also check that the existing fire alarms are working as they should. For example, when did you test your fire alarms last?

Through the "Active against fire" campaign, there has been a service with an SMS reminder for a few years now. By registering your mobile number, you will receive an SMS at a time of your choice with a reminder so you don't forget to test your fire alarms. (See link below). Some other good fire protection tips:

When should you test your fire alarms?

  • Every month
  • When you set up a new
  • When you change the battery
  • When you have been away for a long time (one to two weeks)
  • When you have cleaned it. Note: You should never test a fire alarm with an open flame or smoke! The function may deteriorate significantly.

For more fire protection facts, installation advice and information about our program of fire alarms, contact Patrik Lindström via:
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