We are developing the business within emergency lighting and UPS

Published 20 Oct 2023

With the goal of further developing the business, we are now changing the leading roles within the focus areas of emergency lighting systems and uninterruptible power supply, UPS. New Product Managers with shared responsibility for the product areas are Patrik Öhrfeldt and Fredrik Toftgård.

Patrik most recently came from a position as a Projector, but he has also previously worked for a long time with both sales, commissioning, service and support within Kamic. Fredrik has a similar background and he also has extensive experience from planning and technical sales within the company's evacuation technology area.

Pelle Hultquist, our Operations Manager, is positive to the change:

- In order to respond to the demands and high goals that exist both internally but also from the market, we are now developing the product manager role and adding great knowledge and experience in Patrik Öhrfeldt and Fredrik Toftgård. We hope and believe that these additions will be very good for the future, he concludes.

The new leadership team has been working in their new roles and associated tasks since 1 October.

If you wish to get in touch with Patrik or Fredrik, you can find their contact details here>

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