Autumn campaign - selected outdoor lighting at the best price!

Published 25 Sep 2023

Do you need to light up the facade, entrance ceiling or garage driveway at home? In that case, we currently have autumn prices on selected outdoor lighting within the popular Funkis series. Timelessly designed and stylishly designed ceiling, facade and ground lighting for both home and public environments. Take the opportunity to find bright outdoor lighting now at greatly reduced prices!

Funki's ProLED series is designed in a timeless, stylish design. All luminaires are made of cast aluminum and equipped with clear protective glass and a faceted reflector for best efficiency. They are also equipped with a quick connection terminal block, built-in 230V driver and a switchable wall bracket - all to be able to achieve the smoothest possible installation.

The campaign now includes luminaires in both anthracite and silver for ceiling, facade and ground mounting, where only your imagination sets limits to where and how you can design or install. Read more in the table and other links below (All prices excl. VAT).

E-nummer Artikel-info Pris tidigare (ex.moms) Pris nu! (ex.moms)
7702806   Pro-LED singel 9W, antracit, 3000K  1196:- 599:-
7703070 Pro-LED singel 9W, antracit, 4000K 1196:- 599:-
7702807 Pro-LED singel 9W, silver, 3000K 1196:- 599:-
7703071 Pro-LED dubbel 2x9W, antracit, 4000K 1597:- 873:-
7703394 Pro-LED singel 9W, silver, 4000K 1195:- 599:-
7702809 Pro-LED dubbel 2x9W, silver, 3000K 1597:- 830:-
7748464 Pro-LED rund Pollare 6W, antracit, 3000K 1727:- 889:-
7702810 Pro-LED Downlight 10W, antracit, 50°, 3000K 925:- 607:-
7703971 Pro-LED Square singel 9W, antracit, 3000K 1123:- 589:-
7703975 Pro-LED Square dubbel 2x9W, antracit, 3000K 1597:- 845:-
7703979 Pro-LED Square Downlight 10W, antracit, 3000K 815:- 481:-

If you would like additional information about included luminaires or stock balance, contact Back-office via +46 54-570120,> alternatively Product Manager Anders Adelin via:>

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