We're turning 40 - it's to be celebrated!

Published 23 Jun 2023

Since the start in the fall of 1983, KAMIC has grown from a small company to part of a large group. Many years have passed and a lot of water has flown under the bridges - the workforce has increased by hundreds of percent, turnover as well. KAMIC has worked its way up to become a respected name in the industry. We are now celebrating 40 years as a company where commitment and development continue unabated.

It was the entrepreneurs Hans Bergkvist, Ingvar Blomqvist, Kaiy Sjöqvist, Staffan Skoglund and Jan Olofsson (later Merelid) who founded KAMIC Karlstad Automatic AB in September 1983. At that time, the business idea was the design, construction and sale of automation equipment. 40 years later, the name has been changed to KAMIC Installation AB, the owners are KAMIC Group - and the company is a technology company that works with sales, services and system solutions of lighting and security products.

- That we have developed and grown over the years, I believe, is a combination of both understanding the product and the customers' situation. We have not always been the cheapest on the market - however, we are humble about sales and the sales process. We help customers with what they want - have our own design department, offer consultation, guidance and technical expertise. It is appreciated by the customers, says Kaj Wikström, marketing manager at KAMIC.

Experience and security are also key words for success, as well as being able to flexibly adjust when needed. As when the growth for the design and construction of automation equipment decreased in the late 80s and the strategic decision to concentrate the business on the sale of emergency lighting and industrial electrical components was made. Being part of a large group and having the KAMIC Group as an owner is also something that means a lot.

- This means that we have a large and financially strong stability in the foundation, which can be of great importance in the case of new customer contacts. The same applies to the fact that we have been active for so many years. It creates credibility towards both customers and suppliers, says Kaj Wikström.

- During the autumn of 2023 - just like earlier in the year - several different activities will be carried out to mark the 40th anniversary and we hope that we can offer some surprises along the way, concludes Kaj Wikström.


Interesting and curious facts about the 40-year journey:

  • The company was officially established on October 5, 1983.
  • KAMIC is actually an abbreviation of "Karlstad Automatic AB".
  • Local presence via offices from Umeå in the north to Malmö in the south and Helsinki in the east.
  • The number of employees has increased from 9 - 50.
  • Turnover has increased from SEK 9 - 185 million SEK. (KAMIC Group: SEK 3 billion SEK).
  • The amount of stocked items has gone from 0 to a maximum of 10,000.
  • The company has been quality certified for more than 25 years.
  • Good solvency has given the credit rating triple A (AAA) 16 years in a row.
  • Supplier collaborations worldwide, but focus on Europe.
  • Own customized manufacturing via group companies in China.

If you want to read more about our 40 years in the industry, you can do so here in our anniversary magazine>

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