Track Family – emergency lighting for 3-phase rail

Published 1 Sep 2023

We are now launching an emergency lighting series specially developed for mounting on 3-phase rail. A perfect solution for new production or renovation jobs in restaurant, office or shop environments where quick and easy assembly is desired. The series includes all types of emergency light fixtures, all of which are equipped with a universal adapter that fits most 3-phase rails on the market.

- A stylishly designed emergency light series that fills a hole in our program of emergency lighting. With the Track family, you can quickly and easily get the emergency light in place without having to run extra cables or screw up new frames - you use the existing ones, says Anders Adelin, our Product Manager in the area of emergency lighting.

All luminaires have NiMH-batteries and built-in emergency lighting units with associated autotest function for safe and secure operation. The Sign Track reference fixture has a locking mechanism specially developed for the fixture type, which means that the sign cannot be turned out of position after assembly and locking. All so that no one can change the position of the sign towards the escape route (according to Swedish standard: SS-EN 1838).

If you would like further information about Track Family, contact Product Manager Anders Adelin via phone: 0708- 67 43 31 or>

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