Here is why you should invest in an operation and support agreement

Published 15 Aug 2022

In the fall of 2021, Facebook and Instagram experienced network problems and were down for six hours, with a complete chaos in the world as a result. Although it is rare, disruptions do occur in our systems at some point and it can prove to affect anyone. Read more about what our Service Manager Johan Jändel-Holst recommends when it comes to maintaining quality in backup systems and battery banks.

For as long as we've had electricity in society, there have also been impacts on our electrical environment. High-frequency disturbances and transients or "spikes" as they are also called, affect electronic equipment and apparatus, which in worst case scenarios can lead to important functions fully going down with catastrophic consequences as a result. What is becoming clear is that maintenance and service are becoming increasingly important in our electronics-dense world.

- Increasingly higher demands are being placed on operational safety today than just a few years ago, says Johan Jändel-Holst. Customers think differently when it comes to main-tenance and service and value it more than previously. They simply want to avoid problems, he continues.

How should you then think – what is important?

– If we begin in the area of ​​emergency lighting, both we and the lighting industry have in recent years recognized that ongoing supervision of emergency lighting systems is not followed according to the applicable regulations. If you have chosen an emergency lighting system with central monitoring, it is easier to detect any errors than in facilities where there are fittings with individual battery backup. As a property owner, you are responsible for operation and maintenance. My advice is to create a review routine for your facility with recommended intervals and log entries, or allow us to do it.

– When it comes to UPSs and individual batteries or battery banks, there are a few things to consider. Max 25 degrees in the area where the batteries are placed and preferably not below 20 degrees. Ensure as well good battery quality - batteries with high performance are a better investment than simpler solutions. To avoid performing manual tests of the battery bank, install a battery monitoring system. Via remote monitoring, you can then keep track of the function and measure individual batteries and also, if necessary, be able to carry out individual charging, says Johan.

So what do you recommend to maintain quality and operation in a facility?

– To ensure maximum operational reliability over time, set up a service and support agreement. Through the agreement, you will not only get free telephone support, but can also receive on-site visits by our technicians for general control, adjustment and updating of the facility.

Are there any other benefits to an operation and support agreement?

– We ensure that the security of your facility is always maintained. We can detect errors or issues in time that may later cause problems or damage. We monitor your system or installation continuosly via remote control or visits by technicians and perform an ocular inspection, functional test as well as control of batteries individually and, if necessary, update software. After each check, and if there is a need, an action plan is drawn up going forward. With maintenance at regular intervals, costs are minimized, which otherwise, if bad luck would strike, can be very high, concludes Johan Jändel-Holst.

Thank you for the chat, Johan!

Would you like further information about the possibilities of an operation and support agreement? Talk to Johan via phone: +46 8-603 38 12 or email:>.

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