Gennius - complete emergency lighting that covers basic needs

Published 31 Aug 2022

We are now releasing a new complete series of emergency lighting with a wide range of applications. Gennius, as the fittings are called, are modern, designed signage fittings intended for permanent and standby operation, which can be mounted both with and without signage on the wall or ceiling. Through high grade enclosure and impact resistance, the fittings covers most needs in terms of emergency lighting.

Gennius is offered in versions both with battery backup and for central supply. It is equipped with a Lithium battery as well as autotest for safe and secure operation. Operating ambient temperature for fittings with battery is -5° C to +35° C. For centrally powered variants it is -25° C to +55° C, which means that it can also be mounted in robust outdoor environments.

- Gennius represents an exciting combination of both design and function. We like both the designed cup as much as the invisible details; the enclosure class of IP68 and the impact resistance class of high IK10. This provides a robust fixture that can handle most installation environments. There are also a number of accessories that make the Gennius family a very versatile option that can also handle complex assemblies, says Pelle Hultquist, Kamic's Operational Manager.

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